About Halal Hijab

My journey with Halal Hijab started to motivate myself and my Muslim sisters to wear and maintain hijab, to wear hijab conveniently, comfortably and confidently without compromising fashion and elegance.

After coming to Australia, as a busy international student and later as a busy mum of three, I always found it difficult, before going outside, wearing a great deal of pins to set my hijab in place. The pins damaged my clothes, but not only that, they were dangerous for my children. It was also time consuming and a hassle to open and reset the hijab for ablution (udu) before praying outside. 

Several of my friends and relatives wanted to start wearing the hijab, but never did, as they were worried about the hassles of using pins and wearing inners during Summer. Then I thought why not making something that can solve those problems. So I extensively planned and researched, and created the revolutionary Wear-in-a-sec Instant Hijab, for me and for my fellow Muslim sisters to feel relaxed and look our best.  Alhamdulillah, now many sisters have started wearing hijab from Halal Hijab's uniquely designed instant ready to wear easy and quick hijabs.



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