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About Halal Hijab

My journey with Halal Hijab  started to motivate myself and my Muslim sisters to wear and maintain hijab, to wear hijab conveniently, comfortably and confidently without compromising fashion and elegance.

Being an Australian Muslim, either as a busy uni student or as a busy mum, I never found a proper hijab, which I could wear quickly and easily. Whenever I had to go outside, wearing hijab properly was a time-consuming task for me, covering all my hair and the chest area. Then I had to use many pins, which were not safe for my children and was also damaging for my clothes. The extra inner caps or bonnets I had to wear underneath the hijab, to cover all my hair properly, used to make me so suffocated that I used to feel like the blood was boiling inside my head! 

I know some of my Muslim friends and relatives who want to wear hijab, but they don’t, because of the uncomfortable feelings and hassles with the caps, pins and extra stuff they need to use to wear hijab. I extensively researched, planned, designed and thus tried to come up with a solution and thought to offer the solution to my Muslim sisters and to myself as well.

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