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Pink Floral Chiffon Inner-Free Pin-Free Multi Style Hijab

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Featuring the Dream Instant Hijab, which needs absolutely NO inner cap NOR any pin / magnets. It's possible to create at least 7 different styles with this hijab! Save your time, money and energy to wear, style and maintain your hijab! 

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    • Benefits

      • The Perfect Dream Instant Hijab
      • No more suffocation or boiled head feeling under the inner cap /underscarf
      • No more pins to damage your outfit
      • No more small magnets of choking hazards
      • No transparency
      • At least 7 styles creation is possible 
      • Fully lined with High Quality inner fabric where needed
      • The invisible soft elastic underneath the chin controls the overall flexibility to fit a wide range of size and shape
      • Relaxed feeling, Highly Comfortable
      • Utmost Confident Appearance
      • Smart and Elegant Look
      • Effortlessly drapes and flows over body
      • Very Easy, Quick and Convenient to Wear and Maintain
      • Ablution friendly
      • Machine Washable
      • Easy and Quick dry
      • No ironing required after washing
      • Super Comfortable for pregnant women
      • Perfect for breastfeeding/ nursing mothers 


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