Halal Hijab

Teal Blue Sequinned Slip-on Party Hijab

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Features and Benefits

Featuring Revolutionary Hijab which you can wear super conveniently, comfortably, confidently and properly without compromising your fashion and elegance.


1) No pins required, so no more damage to your favourite outfits.

2) Pin-free hijab ensures the safety to handle babies and toddlers.

3) No more wasting time to fix your hijab with multiple pins. Save your time before heading out or when you are in rush, perfect for a busy girl/woman.

4) Easy and hassle-free head-neck-ear cleaning during ablution.

5) No inner cap required, so no pressure on ears and on the head, so no more suffocation or “boiled hot head” feelings ! (Please tie and fix your hair tightly and properly before putting the hijab on to avoid any chance of showing your hair)

6. Easy and quick to wear within seconds, just slip on your head and you are ready to go !

7. It's easy for you to move quickly and to work wearing it, no dangling or touching the sink or bin during rush work when the guests are at home.

8. Covers the chest area properly, which maintains one of the important purposes of wearing hijab.

9. There are sufficient clothes to cover your back area as well.

10. Stretchy fabric to slip on easily, to feel comfortable and to fit a broad range of sizes.

11. Above all, it looks just fabulously smart and elegantly gorgeous on anyone.

12. The partly dotted appliqued design made the hijab more gorgeous which will stand out in any party or occasion.



One FREE size as it Fits a broad range of sizes from thin to large face circumference.


Care Instructions

  • Hand Wash only with cold or warm water
  • No Tumble Dry
  • Iron on low heat keeping under cotton fabric
  • Do not iron on crystals
  • Steam iron recommended



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